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Database Consulting Service

Our Services

Syntigrity Database Consulting services provide access to industry leading experts across both relational and NoSQL database technologies. Available for either ad-hoc short term projects or longer engagements we are ideally positioned to provide the best practice experience you need to compliment the skills of your team.

Our core skill set provides experience in the following database technologies:

Microsoft SQL Server

Oracle Database





Our Services

Onomi offers a range of database consulting services to support the full lifecycle of a deployment


Design Workshop Modules :

  • Technology Review
  • Database Modeling
  • Database Architecture


  • NoSQL Test Lab
  • Pre Prod Review
  • Installation & Config
  • Cloud Migration


  • Database Health Check
  • Performance Tuning
  • Database Upgrade
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Business Intelligence


  • On Site
  • Classroom
Our range of skills covers the below core technologies, but assistance with technologies such as Hadoop & Neo4J is also available through our partner network.

Product Major Version
Microsoft SQL Server 2014, 2012, 2008 & 2005
Oracle Database 12c, 11g, 10g & 9i
MySQL 5.x
Couchbase 5.x
MySQL 2.x, 3.x
MongoDB 2.x, 3.x

Design workshops are critical in ensuring a best practice blueprint has been established at the outset of any project. Choose from our popular workshop module to bring in the expertise where you need it:

Technology Choice Module

  • Review of best technology fit (RDBMS, NoSQL or Hybrid)
  • Vendor selection criteria
  • Recommendations Report

Database Modeling Module

  • Schema Design
  • Query & Index recommendations
  • Optimisation for workload (OLTP and Reporting)
  • Testing Recommendations

Database Architecture Module

  • Application & Business Needs Assessment
  • Infrastructure Requirements
  • High Level Design
  • Scaling
  • High Availability
  • Capacity Planning
  • Disaster Recovery

Use a Database Expert to fully implement and configure your database deployment. This service includes:

  • Database installation
  • Database configuration
  • Database configuration optimisation
  • Security (surface attack area hardening, least privilege, authentication methods, and
  • Performance testing
  • Service continuity testing
  • Technical training / hand-off

Migrating existing production databases to the cloud can prove problematic. Our experts will plan and execute one of our proven migration methodologies ensuring consistency of data and service performance, whilst minimising downtime and risk.

  • We’ll advise on optimal Cloud architecture
  • Deliver pre-migration benchmark testing
  • Deliver and manage the migration process
  • Installation of databases in the Cloud
  • Configuration of scaling
  • Security hardening and database level encryption
  • Configuration of multi cloud disaster recovery architecture
  • Work with the Application vendor to ensure optimal configuration and ongoing performance

A point in time review of the database deployment and performance benchmark can be invaluable to ensure your databases are optimised and have the required level of resilience for your business needs.

Typically our consultants will be with you onsite or remotely for a couple of days and we’ll then deliver a detailed report that gives a clear plan for with recommendations and areas of improvement.

  • Benchmark your databases to understand current and future system needs
  • Identify bottlenecks to improve application performance
  • Implement an efficient scalability plan
  • Maximise your investment in the database technologies
  • Ensure the systems are secure

A shortened version of the database health check focussed on environment performance, with follow on tuning to improve the database performance.

If you’re looking to take advantage of the latest features by upgrading the version of your database use one of our experienced consultants to ensure a smooth transition. We have a broad range of experience across SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Couchbase and MongoDB.

Ensuring that your database is operational and retains its data integrity in the event of a disaster is key to any recovery plan. This consulting service can help you design, implement, review and provide support for Disaster Recovery testing providing peace of mind.

Whether you’re using Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL or NoSQL databases, the reporting against your data is vital to help make informed business decisions. Whether you need ad-hoc reports creating or a more proactive dashboard, our Consultants are available to give you the necessary insight you need to capitalise on your data.

  • Tailored consultancy services to help develop your BI strategy
  • Customised reports to satisfy all users in your business
  • Creation of dashboards to deliver

Our consultants are available to deliver on-site or classroom based courses to complement a range of available vendor accreditation track and we have experience in tailoring specific courses to address specific skills gaps.

In addition to our packaged services we are happy to work on any bespoke requirements. Typically any longer term projects are broken down into what we term “Outcome Sprints” which are no longer than 20 days, this provides our customers with a defined outcome at the end of each sprint.

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