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Data Integration and Data Migration Service

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We have extensive experience in Data Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL) data from a wide variety of sources including legacy applications, ERP systems, CRM and other web content, Standard relational databases, HDFS, unstructured data including social media, blogs, machine data, NoSQL Databases, MongoDB, Cassandra, Hbase, on-premise cloud-based applications, Files (e.g. XML, Excel, CSV, flat files) and web service APIs.
Our specialized enterprise information integration skills in cutting-edge ETL tools including DataStage, Oracle Data Integrator, MS-SSIS, Informatica, Talend, AbInitio, etc. support delivery of scalable and reliable data integration solutions to our clients across the globe.Virtusa’s data integration service capabilities acquire structured and unstructured data from virtually any source, integrate and deliver quality data in a high-performance environment.

ETL and Data Migration from Old DB to New DB

Data Migration is the process of transferring data from one or more locations into a target application. Typically data migration occurs during an upgrade of existing hardware or transfer to a completely new system. Data Migration should not simply involve moving data; it should also be an opportunity for evaluating and improving data quality, which can have a critical impact on a large system rollout as well as on the business itself beyond a Go Live event. Oftentimes, even the cloud version of the same RDBMS will not support all the features used of it used when deployed on premise, and could require minor or major changes to the code. Sometimes, the volumes of data that need to be moved to the cloud could present a huge problem.

With our understanding of the differences in data storage on both sides of the cloud and of different mechanisms for moving data to cloud, Syntigrity guarantees a smooth move of data safely, efficiently and in reasonable timeframes. We ensure that only the right data is loaded, duplicate or inaccurate data is eliminated, immediate actionable data is created and the desired ROI is achieved. Syntigrity can assist you with overall strategic planning to detailed design, project management, proof of concept, and execution and our team of professionals will help and ensure it is done efficiently, securely, and reliably. Contact Us to leverage Syntigrity advantage for your organization’s Data Migration needs.

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